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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ugh!!! The Retreat Went Too Fast!

Boy did I have fun this past weekend at the Quintessential Quilters Retreat held at Deer Creek. Seventy eight of my quilter friends and I met on Friday afternoon to start a fun weekend of sewing, laughing, eating, sewing .... Here are some of the pictures I took of guild members having fun. I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone and their projects. You would be amazed of what most (not necessarily me, I talked too much..)can get done in a weekend. The weekend was really fun!

The view from the lodge looked like a post card. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Yakkity Yak! ... lol

Sunday breakfast line

Teri is going to kill me for this photo.... The quilt is very cute..

Carla, too! Service project is hanging in background...

Sally or Sandy's project (They both did the same project)

Bernie's quilting class sample for later this spring.....

More later this week! Need to go catch up on my sleep.


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