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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where does time go?

Okay, so it has been awhile since we posted. Kyle and I were trying to post every Wednesday and then we decided that Peg would like to do this and we are having trouble transitioning.
We are working like crazy at the shop, getting stuff moved around, getting new samples done, getting blocks of the month done, designing the shop hop project. We really are having fun but it seems a little hectic.

Here are some of the good books that we recently received.

This reminds me alot of the Lori Smith quilts. Laura Henthorne is thinking about doing a quilt of the month club that will meet on Saturdays. We will keep you posted.

This is a new paper piecing book from Alex Anderson. I am going to offer a beginning paper peicing class using this book.

More Later!, Thanks for stopping by! 
P.s... expect to hear from us more frequently as Peg and I are going to work on this together.