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Friday, June 6, 2008

June is Here..... Cogratulation Graduates, and the mommies that got them there!

It is hard to believe that June is here already. Summer is here and I am not sure what happen to spring. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was stuck in 4 feet of snow trying to get to Kroger and Bob Evans. I laugh everytime I drive over the spot where we were stuck.

Congratulations to Curtis, Mark, Jenna, Christopher, Marco, Travis, Kyle, Margaret, and from college, Brooke, Lyndsay & Andy, and to all of my friends and neighbors who sat at graduation holding back tears. DON'T BLINK!, I always want to tell new moms that.... it goes so fast! It makes me sad!

I have been very busy.... we are changing the shop around and getting ready for Shop Hop. Cutting kits and setting up new displays, getting ready for our new blocks of the month, updating the website....... The "Book" Guild in the Granary is in the final edit phase and we are working on the cover. The quilts used in the cover photo are from our ancestors. Isn't that cool! We are very excited about the progresss of the book and will keep you posted.

Here is a note from Brooke.... she has been crazy busy too!, but had time to make a visit to the local tatoo parlor. Stop in and ask to see her new tatoo! You true blue quilters will love it (no... it is not on her rear-end)

Well I am finally finished with school...praise the Lord! I have been busy making purses and quilts for the shop and I am excited to have more time to maybe make something for myself. I can't wait until the line of Dandelion girl comes in... that will be my next huge purchase. I am also excited for Amy Butler's new fabric to arrive it's funky and I love it. Its not hard to find ways to spend my money when I work here! Well I better get back to folding fabric. Seeyabye.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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