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Friday, February 1, 2008

Crazy week at Always In Stitches

I thought the week would be quiet and we could catch up on a couple of things, but we have been busy all week and it has just flown by. I think we are ready for the Super Bowl Sale this weekend. We got about 50 new bolts of fabric in this week, and our shelves are filling up after trying to get our inventory down for the end of year taxes.

Our classes have been filling up and we are offering some of the more popular ones again. Last Saturday was our first Hand Applique Club meeting. There were about 23 applique enthusiasts there, and it was fun. I am excited about being involved in this club so I can improve at this skill. I just love hand applique but I don't take the time to work on my skills. Hopefully, knowing that I need to get something done each month will help.

During our Monday book club, we (Diana Forrester, Jan Biggs and I) passed out the book we wrote, "The Dutchmans Puzzle", for the members to edit. I hope they like it! We choose a non deplume.... Alma Lynne Thompson. I'll explain later how we arrived at the name. I am very excited about the book and getting it published!

More later! Have a great weekend! I don't know who to root for during the Super Bowl because I love Eli Manning (Giants) and I love Mike Vrable (Patriots). All season I have been a Pats fan.. but I do love those Manning boys..

See you at the Sale!


Anonymous said...

Mary, Loving the blog! and I love your staff! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I started my Dear Jane quilt and I am so excited. My first square came out looking like a three year old did it. When I had completed all eight, I read the directions (typical of me) and found I was making it even harder than it needed to be so I did the first square over and it came out much better. Read the directions!!!!

I am also excited to hear what the book club thinks of Dutchman's Puzzle. We had a lot of fun writing it.

Sewing her little fingers to the bone.

Diana Forrester

Cybele said...

People should read this.