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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy August

Wow, what a great shop hop! It was awesome seeing quilters from all over the United States. We have been busy and we love it! Thanks you for all of the support, and the kind words and notes we have recieved. It is so nice to know that even with all of the other venues (Cincinnati International Show, Columbus NQA, Other area shop hops, etc.) quilters still have time and money to support the local shops. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

Thanks to the Thimble Berries Club from Missouri for visiting and having dinner with us. That was really a fuun evening!

Thanks also to the Honey Bees from Medina for visiting with us last Thursday. We love having buses and large groups in the shop!   If you are thinking about a guild or group bus trip call us.   We will help plan your day.

We got in some really cute patterns from Amy Bradley:

And this really cute one for the holidays:

We will be kitting both of these and have samples made soon.

Next Saturday is our Mystery night. We have a new format so that is more affordable and accommodating for the mystery quilter that likes to come every month.  Here is the new breakdown:

 Mystery night with pattern and fabric and dinner $55

Mystery night pattern with dinner $35.00

Mystery night dinner only $10.00

Mystery night space only (no dinner, no pattern etc) $5.00

I am off for the week. Going to the beach, taking a bunch of handwork and books to read.

Kyle will touch base on Wednesday.

Thanks again for the great support!

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