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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Approves Quilt

Former customer Sara Rodgers moved to Kunkletown PA last summer and discovered that her new home is at least an hour from the nearest town - UPS doesn't even deliver to her! She had been working on a quilt made with the Quilt Patis before she left, and after getting everything unpacked and settled, discovered that she didn't have enough fabric or Patis to finish the project. She made an emergency call to a friend, who rushed to the shop, purchased Patis and the 2 yards of fabric she needed, and got it in the mail. As you can see, one of the dogs approves the new quilt-in-progress - he told her so!

If you have a quilting emergency, just give the shop a call - we'll be right on top of your request!!

Oh! Almost forgot to mention - we got some new Jelly Rolls and some new books in!

Have a great week!

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Barbara said...

Mary - I think your blog is great - and want to let your customers know that they can also buy gift certificates long distance - I did this for my sister Diana and let you surprise her the next time she came into your store. I hope to come visit her - and you - this summer.